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October 14, 2013 – Waterford to Castleton

We left Waterford today. If you ever get a chance to visit Waterford from the water is a great place to stay for a weekend. You can stay on their dock for 2 days for $10 w/Electric. They are friendly. There is a laundromat & grocery store within walking distance. Florence had to take the car to the junk yard and the rest of the crew met her in Albany. It was nice to liberate ourselves from the car. It was nice to see Jessica before we left and it was really nice of her to take me to the bank so we could cash the check from the car. We stayed at Castleton Boat Club on the mooring ball. That was an experience to get it attached to the boat. We finally figured it out and it was not too bad floating around. I am used to anchoring, but this was unique.


October 11, 2013 – Cohoes to Waterford

Today the great adventure finally started.  We left Blains Bay Marina and  only went through the flight of 5 locks to Waterford for the weekend.  Ethan joined us for the flight.  It was so hard to say goodbye to him.  I know it is not forever, but we are going to miss him so much.  Hopefully we can find a way to do Christmas or something together soon.


September 19, 2013

Starting Engine Hours:  929.8

Ending Engine Hours:

Going to Cove to test battery hours and solar setup.  Returning no later than Sunday, September 22, 2013.


July 5, 2013

We finally go the Carver back today at 5PM.  We had lots of cleanup to do.  We got some of the stuff moved on to the boat.  We have more to bring down before we leave on our great adventure.  The kids are so excited about this whole plan.  Victoria hugged the boat and told it she missed it.  If boats do have feelings….this boat feels loved.  I think everyone feels more relaxed here.


June 24, 2013

Took the Sylvan up to Lock 7 today to do some fishing.  Why is it when the weather says it is going to be good you should never trust it?  Well about an hour after getting there a Thunderstorm came in.  We were too far away from the Marina to get back before it started, so we rode it out.  It wasn’t that bad, as the storm wasn’t right over us, but a little to the south *thankfully*.  Bill and the kids did some fishing.  Victoria had a fish on her line, but the line broke and the fish got away.  She wanted that fish for dinner and was very upset that it didn’t cooperate with her.  We took a little detour to the three islands right at the Lock 7 falls.  The kids had a great time playing in the water there.  It is so pretty there.  I know I should have taken pictures, but I was having so much fun watching the kids, Bill and Midnight play that I didn’t think of it.  Midnight is getting so brave.  She jumped out of the boat herself today.  She was having so much fun going in and out of the water by herself.  We got back just in time to miss the BIG thunderstorm that was coming in.  What a great day with the family.


June 22, 2013

Took a  little ride up the “The Cove” today so the kids could go swimming.  They had a great time.  Midnight is getting better about the water and actually followed the kids in the the water today by herself.   So much fun to watch them having a great time.  They are so excited about there adventures that are ahead of us.


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